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  Kinetic-Innovations, LLC; Moving Business Ideas Into Technical Solutions.

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Company Name and Logo:

Kinetic -- ki · net · ic --
         1. pertaining to motion.
         2. caused by motion.
         3. characterized by movement

Innovations -- in · no · va · tions --
         1. Something new or different introduced.
         2. Introduction of new things or methods.
         3. Ideas

Kinetic-Innovations -- ki · net · ic - in · no · va · tions --
         1. Moving Ideas Into Solutions
         2. The missing element from your business's equation.

Lehigh Valley Marketplace Technology Consulting

K-I's logo is a visual representation of how business success (the nucleus) is surrounded by movement and ideas (the rings and letters). Without ideas moving your business forward, your business is moving backwards.
Kinetic-Innovations wants your business to always be moving forward.

Company Information:

Kinetic-Innovations is a locally owned and operated Technology Consulting Firm that services businesses in and around the Greater Lehigh Valley Marketplace. At Kinetic-Innovations, owner Chad Boushell believes that customer satisfaction is #1, which is why we are committed to providing the highest quality service and support possible in a friendly and professional manner.

Together, the owner and staff of Kinetic-Innovations are dedicated to the heritage and economic prosperity of the Lehigh Valley and its beautiful surrounding areas. Our values, ethics, and work experiences are the foundation of our success, that we would like to share with you!
Kinetic-Innovations, LLC -- Established 2008

About the Owner:

Chad A Boushell, Senior Technology Consultant & Owner:
Graduating in the top ten of his class with a Bachelors Degree in Information, Sciences, and Technology from The Pennsylvania State University, Chad prides himself on family values, integrity, a strong work ethic, community service, and helping others. After 5 years of work as a Windows Network Administrator, 3 years in Website Design, and 5 years as a partner in a computer consulting firm, Chad desired a change. He wanted to bring corporate-level computer services and skills to those businesses that may not be able to afford a full-time staff but still have the business need for professional technology services.

Chad now works closely with his clients to ensure that their systems are secure both technically and socially. His integrity, education, and experiences allow him to be completely trusted by his clients in the management and growth of their computer network and business technology. He loves to work with clients that are serious about the importance of their technology systems with working environments that are professional and relaxed.



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