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  Kinetic-Innovations, LLC; Moving Business Ideas Into Technical Solutions.

Why use KI?

As the adage goes: “It is always cheaper to do it right the first time...”

At Kinetic-Innovations, we believe this saying to be true. This is why we look for the right solutions for your business’s unique needs; not the ones that put a quick buck in our pocket. We are here for your business’s long-term network growth and success and with this type of relationship, you begin to see the benefits of a full-time IT staff but on a part-time budget.

We can help you save money.

As Professional computer consultants”, we take your IT budget seriously. We help to ensure that you buy the right hardware, software, and peripherals the first time. This makes certain that your IT purchases meet the needs of your short and long-term network requirements instead of just fulfilling your immediate needs.

Kinetic-Innovations wants to certify that your technology is an asset, not a liability to your business. That is why we become the single point of responsibility for all of your computer, network, and technology needs. We work closely with you in the ownership of your network and always have your best interest in mind. If something goes wrong, you call us and we determine what the cause is, we then work with the appropriate hardware and/or software vendor to resolve the issue in a cost-effective, timely manner so that you can continue to run your business.

Kinetic-Innovations does not work for the vendors or computer manufactures; we work with you and for your company to reach your strategic business network needs and goals!

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