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Thank you for your interest and patronage to Kinetic-Innovations: Moving ideas Into solutions. As valued existing clients, we would like to show our appreciation to you through our referral program: Referral Rewards.

The “Referral Rewards” program is designed for existing clients and people that know of Kinetic-Innovations to refer new clients to Kinetic-Innovations.

If you believe that our services would help out a business or businesses in and around the greater Lehigh Valley, please refer them to us. If that company signs up for an annual maintenance contract, you receive a reward valued up to $500.00. The Referral Reward amount that you receive is based upon the size of the business: The larger the business that signs an annual contract, the greater the Referral Reward is to you!

Referral Reward Table:

Size of Business w/ Signed Contract:

Reward Amount for You!

No annual contract signed


5 -- 9 Computers


10 -- 15 Computers


16 -- 24 Computers


25 + Computers



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